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April 2017: In the state of Kansas earlier this year there were devastating wildfires. These wildfires destroyed many homes, fields, pastures, farms, herds, and many other key components of agriculture and everyday life.  With a deep sorrow for all that the families and farmers have lost, many throughout the nation wanted to help, including our very own Tuscarawas County Farm Bureau. For this journey our very own Gordon Milk Transport helped support in getting these supplies to Kansas, along with numerous other participants. Gordon Milk Transport was thrilled to help and only hopes for the very best in Kansas as they begin this rebuilding process. 
December 2016: Last year our response was so over whelming that we were able to support 2 families, and this year our employees stepped up again! We started collecting for our "adopt a family" in November and we were able to raise enough to support 2 families once again! We were able to provide toys, games, and even clothing for of the children to open on Christmas morning. We also provided the families with a meal as well as some frozen sausage for future meals. 

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